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Original Article Effects of Regular Treadmill Running on GLUT4 Protein of Skeletal Muscle in STZ-diabetic Rats.
Jong yeon Kim, Hyung il Bae, So young Park, Yong woon Kim, Suck kang Lee
Journal of Yeungnam Medical Science 1998;15(2):341-349
Published online: December 31, 1998
Department of Physiology College of Medicine, Yeungnam University Taegu, Korea.
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of regular treadmill running on GLUT4 protein of skeletal muscle in STZ-diabetic rats. I used 19 male Sprague-Dawley rats weighing 140 to 160 grams. Rats were randomly assigned into normal, diabetes(DM) and DE(DE) groups. The exercise was loaded with treadmill running for 5 days per week during 4 weeks. All experimental procedures were carried out following overnight fasting 48 hours after last exercise. Gain(gm) in body weight in DM rats(82+/-2.4) was lowered compared to normal rats(109+/-2.8), and decreased by exercise. Plasma glucose concentration(mg/dl) in DM rats was 143+/-3.1 which is higher than that of normal group of 103+/-6.4. The concentration of DE group was lower than that of DM rats. Plasma insulin concentration(micronU/ml) of DM and DE rats was significantly lowerd compared to normal rats. There was no difference of plasma concentrations of FFA and HDL cholesterol among noraml, DM and DE groups. Plasma triglyceride concentration(mg/dl) was significantly highered in DM group compared to those of DM group, the concentration of DE group was lower. Glycogen concentration(mg/gm wet weight) of the plantaris muscle in DM and DE groups was significantly reduced compared to normal group. Glucose transporter 4(GLUT4) protein of soleus was analyzed by Western blot. In DM group, the GLUT4 protein level was markdly decreased compared to normal group, but the level was recovered to the level of normal group by 4 weeks treadmill running. In conclusion, the insulin resistance induced by STZ administration was partially improved by 4 weeks physical training in rats.

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JYMS : Journal of Yeungnam Medical Science